Sebastian Shepherd has been a part of the AGW team since he graduated from the Kent State University glassblowing program in 2013. He has been instrumental in the creation and fabrication of some of our biggest custom orders. In addition to blowing staple items for the gift shop (ornaments, vases, paperweights, etc.) he works in the hot shop to make his original art work.


Chas & Polly Gilmore

Chas and Polly Gilmore often share their skills and knowledge during our glassblowing demos.

Polly, primarily a fiber artist, enjoys exploring surface color and texture in her glass. Keeping the glass thicker allows her to indulge her need for a more sculptural sense in the work. 

Chas has an engineering background and began glassblowing because of a fascination with the creative technology. He particularly enjoys exploring mold-blown techniques, constantly striving for the perfect "square cylinder".

Sandy Holata

Sandy Holata has been our resident photographer, graphic designer, and marketing director since we opened and with the purchase of our fusing kiln in 2013 she is now our glass fusing workshop instructor and makes fused glass items for our gift shop.


Sandy is a full time fine artist who's mediums include handmade paper, sculpture, and liquid emulsion photographs. She has exhibited her work nationally.  

Lisa Kane

Akron artist, Lisa Kane specializes in fused glass and stained glass. All of her work is hand cut and constructed. She likes to attatch twisted wire, beads and crystals to add a personal touch to her art. Lisa's work ranges from traditional panels and suncatchers, to more modern designs including 3-dimensional and functional pieces. 

Mary Nemeth

Mary Nemeth is a fine artist who graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design and studied abroad. Mary assists Jack and Sebastian in the hot shop. With her steady hand she puts the details on the snowmen and has worked on the production and assembly of several AGW chandeliers. Mary is currently attending graduate school in Glasgow, Scotland.


Christian James

Christian lends his talents in the hot shop when he is in town visiting from Atlanta where he works full time at Janke Studios as a glass artist and instructor.